A few weeks into building the boiler


In this post, I will elaborate on the next steps I took towards building a vertical boiler.




I purchased material from the UK and I have trimmed the copper tube to length I fitted a plug in one end and gripped with 3 jaw chuck, using a steady to trim each end.

I then purchased some 3 mm copper sheet to make the end plates for the firebox and boiler tube cut it with a jig saw roughly round then into the lathe to get round then I decided to try metal spinning.20181220_09145820181220_09153320181220_095553

This worked very well I tried as purchased first (Semi hard) but found it was stretching the sheet and starting to thin to much so I annealed and tryed again and was able to get very acurate sizes it only needed a slight skim on OD. Then the drilling results next photo.2019-03-20 11.12.04


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